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Bunjang Shipping: Do they ship to Korean Addresses Domestically?

Yes, i can ship to Korean Address but please read below;

In case of B2C transactions, the goods can be sent directly to your Korean address because it is shipped by the company. However, C2C secondhand transactions such as Bunjang or Joongonara cannot be checked if the goods are mis-delivered due to the seller's mistake and even cannot be returned to seller, so Allthatsales inspects them first and resends them to your Korean address in principle.

The role of Bunjang Proxy

Bunjang Proxy play an intermediary role between buyers and sellers in used transactions, primarily through the following process:

Confirmation of Goods

Bunjang Proxy receives the goods from the seller and checks the condition of the goods. In this process, a photo or video is taken and provided to the buyer to clearly inform them of the condition of the goods.

Store items

Bunjang Proxy keep identified items safe. This process plays an important role, especially for expensive or fragile items.

Packaging and Delivery

Bunjang Proxy properly pack identified items and ship them according to the delivery method the buyer wants. They use professional packaging techniques and trusted delivery companies to ensure prompt and secure delivery.

Bunjang Proxy Domestic Shipping

hrough the above process, domestic shipping will begin within 2 days except weekends and holidays to the address you entered.

Bunjang proxy domestic shipping



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