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How to use Best Korean buying Service from Singapore?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Allthatsales is Best Korean buying Service Agent

Do you want to buy Korean products from Singapore but you do not know where to shop or how to ship from Korea to Singapore. Allthatsales can help your online shopping problem because we try to provide best Korea online shopping service for international shopper. We are your friendly Korea Buying Agent as well as Best Korea Forwarding Service Company. When you have trouble with Korean online shopping, Feel free to contact Korea Buying Agent.

How much is Korea buying service?

Basically, Allthatsales charge 5% of total value of your products for buying service fee. We try to provide cheap Korea buying service for international buyer. If you need more information about Korea buying service fee, go to FAQ.

How much is Korea online shopping international shipping service?

If you are experience Korean online shopper, so you can do all about Korean online shopping by yourself but sometimes Korean online shopping store does not provide international shipping service but don’t worry, Allthatsales store your products for 30 days Free then ship your items on your behalf. We repack your package and deliver to Korea Post and ship them your Home. We call Korea online shopping international shipping service as Package forwarding. You only pay $5USD with your real international shipping price.

How much is Korea Post international shipping rates to Singapore?

You can download and check Shipping Rate table

EMS Shipping Cost Table for International shipping from Korea

EMS Premium Shipping Rate Table for International Shipping from Korea

Korea Post International Parcel Shipping Rate Table


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Jan 12, 2021

I need a buying agent to bring 6 cans of NASA No. 111-420 lubricating oil from S.Korea to Singapore.

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