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Personal items can be sent via DHL (2023.10.16)

I would like to inform you that DHL of personal items can be sent.

Delivery period: 4–5 days from the release date (excluding customs clearance period), but because domestic delivery has to be made to the DHL hub, 3 additional domestic delivery days will be added (DHL will be picked up the next day after requesting, excluding weekends)

Due to the recent strengthening of U.S. customs quarantine, i have banned sending food/eye-related products/medicine/perfume/liquid cosmetic, but many items are still being ordered

You are not unconditionally caught by customs by sending prohibited items, but you are caught more frequently than before July.

I am not responsible for any customs clearance issues, and we will consult and inform you when inquiring about shipping.

Please understanding that we will take action in accordance with the strengthening of U.S. customs quarantine.



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