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Do you want to buy from Bunjang? Allthatsales is your Buying agent

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

We provide Buying Service for Bungjang Shopping and ship internationally for you

Do you have any trouble with Bunjang shopping? Unfortunately Bunjang needed korean phone number for site registration even though most Bunjang seller does not provide international shipping.

so Allthatsales provide Bunjang proxy shopping services for international shopper. if you need any items from Bunjang, Just contact to Korea Buying Agent. Allthatsales is your proxy buyer for Bunjang shopping.

How to buy from Bunjang?

Search your prefer item from Bunjang.

Fill the Allthatsales order Form or cotnact to korea buying agent.

Allthatsales send paypal invoice to you.

After payment clear, Allthatsales shop your requested items on behalf you.

if you want to shop several item from Bunjang, We consolidate multiple packages into one box.

Allthatsales check weight of total package box.

Allthatsales send shipping cost invoice and payment clear, we ship your items internationally.

How much is Bunjang Shoppig fee?

Bungjang Proxy Shopping fee is basically 5% of total value+$5 package forwarding charge.

detail about price info.

As you know Bunjang Shopping is C2C transaction, so service charge is applied per item.

For example, Your products price is $100USD

$100 (Products Price) + $5 (buying service fee) + $5 (package forwarding fee)

For example, Your products price is $49USD

$49 (Products Price) + $2.5 (buying service fee) + $5 (package forwarding fee)

But 4.5% paypal fee will be applied.

Allthatsales always try to be the cheapest & Best korea buying service Agent for international shopper.

What kinds of shipping service do you provide?

Allthatsales basically use Korea Post but if you want to use other shipping method such as DHL, UPS and Fedex,feel free to ask Korea buying agent anytime. Korea post international shipping options have 4 different types such Surface Parcel, Air Parcel, EMS and EMS premium (UPS) so you can select whatever you want, we have been doing international shipping service for several year so our package forwarding know-how your easy Korean online shopping.

Allthatsales is your buying agent for your Korean shopping

if you need any korean products or kpop goods from korea, allthatsales provide C2C personal shopping service for international shopper for easy korean online shopping. we provide both Korea buying service and Money Transfer for you. you can use this two service anytime so when you need korean proxy service, feel free to contact to Allthatsales. We are your best korea buying service agent.



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