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What is the procedure of the bunjang proxy?

5 process of bunjang proxy

Completion of bunjang proxy form

Please fill out the URL on the purchase agency application form If you need a lot of information, please write down the quantity or characteristics in the message box

※ Precautions

Up to 3 items per application You can request up to 10 combined shipping

Sending invoice and pay for the invoice

After calculating the price of the product, I am sending you an invoice after calculating the price of the product at PayPal's exchange rate today, order confirmation will take place within 24 hours.

Arrival the ordered product

When last products are in stock, i will send you an email and a picture of the product.

Payment for shipping fee

I am sending you the second invoice after measuring the overseas shipping price.

overseas delivery

When a package is shipped, a dispatch notification mail will be sent automatically.

You can check the delivery status by checking the invoice number that is delivered together.

bunjang proxy



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