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Is Korea Post Semi Registered Mail the Best Option for kpop photocard deliveries?

Korea Post Semi Registered Mail

With the widespread use of smartphones, there are fewer mail exchanges than before. However, documents and bills that the recipient must receive directly are constantly being used through registration.

The advantage is that the risk of loss is low because registration is delivered directly to the recipient. However, there is an inconvenience of having to visit the post office to receive mail in person when single households or families are not home during the day. The Semi Registered shipping that I will introduce today compensates for the shortcomings of such registration and provides a service similar to that of registration, so it will be helpful to refer to it.

Registration Mail vs Semi Registered Mail

The cost of registration is rather high because the delivery process is recorded and managed from the moment the mail is received. And since face-to-face delivery is the principle, the recipient must directly receive and sign the registered mail. As a result, if there is no recipient, it is not delivered and the fee is expensive, and there is a situation where you have to go to the post office to pick it up yourself.

In the case of Semi Registered Mail, it is a postal service that compensates for the inconvenience and disadvantages of such registration. It is close to a registered mail service, but it covers some of the disadvantages, so it can be seen as a postal service located in the middle of registered mail and general mail. Unlike registration,Semi Registered Mail is a non-face-to-face method that informs you by text or Kakao Talk after delivery is completed.

Therefore, it is easy to use the process and cheaper to send information such as a letter of appreciation, invitation, various notices, and promotional materials by Semi Registered Mail rather than registratered Mail. However, in the case of expensive photo cards, it is better to use registered mail rather than Semi Registered Mail.

How to send a Semi Registered Mail

The method of sending Semi Registered Mail is simpler than you think. When you visit the post office's counter and tell them that you will send them Semi Registered Mail, and the staff will take care of it. Semi Registered Mail can only be sent if you have an address and phone number.

For Semi Registered Mail, you can check the process of delivery to the recipient's address mailbox by text or Kakao Talk through the phone. The sender can check the status of the quasi-registration delivery or receipt on the Internet post office's website. To check the delivery process of the quasi-registration sent by the Internet post office, Semi Registered Mail number at the time of sending the mail is required.

It can also be sent by an unmanned machine. However, if it is difficult to use an unmanned machine, it is simple to apply to the staff at the post office window, so you can use it.

Semi Registered Mail delivery & fee

Compared to registration, Semi Registered Mail is cheaper and has a higher delivery rate. In addition, the delivery period and the weight of the mail are also set. On average, the delivery period for Semi Registered Mail takes about 3 days. We can only weigh less than 200g. The Semi Registered Mail fee (1800KRW) is cheaper than registration (2580KRW). And the size of the Semi Registered Mail should be less than 90cm in width/length/thickness. The maximum volume should be less than 1m, combining the length of twice the diameter. Instead, the length of either side cannot exceed 60cm.

Semi Registered Mail is much more efficient for mail that does not necessarily require registration. These days, semi-registration is more often used than registration because it is inexpensive and does not necessarily go to the recipient. Therefore, it is recommended to use the postal service considering the content, weight, and size of the mail to be sent.

Semi Registered Mail



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