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What is Pocamarket Korea and How to buy photocards on Pocamarket?

Updated: Apr 24

Photocard platform that's more easier than Bunjang

'Pocamarket' was developed to drastically reduce the fatigue of search and registration that everyone experiences when trading photocard at the Bunjang, and it is a platform that combines convenient technologies to make photocard fanning easier.

Pocamarket is a platform that automatically matches photo card traders (buying/transferring) to make transactions easier. It is most accurate to think of it as a trading platform specialized in photo cards on used trading platforms such as Twitter, Bunjang, and Joongonara. The platform was newly opened in January 2021 and you can use the photo card transaction function for free by signing up for membership.

Pocamarket is using auction models for Poca transactions.

Pocamarket is auction market

For example, if user B registers a transfer for 20,000 won for a photo card [1] called A, and user C registers a purchase for 18,000 won, the price of each other is disclosed without matching.

Then, if user D registers to get an A poca for 20,000 won, user B-D is matched and the transaction is made. (user C must wait without matching until a seller of the desired price appears.)

Therefore, in the case of popular photo cards, it can be seen that there is a fierce war of wits between each other for KRW 1-2,000.

If the price is the same, the order of matching will be ranked by the person who registered the price first, so it is also important to preoccupy the desired price range first.

If a transaction match is made, my contact information is disclosed only to the counter party, and after the transaction is completed, my contact information is changed to private and cannot be verified by the counter party.

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