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How to Ship Kpop Photocards Economically: Understanding Korea Post Small Packet

what is Korea Post Small Packet?

Korea Post Small Packet is a type of international mail that allows you to easily send small and light items under 2kg, an affordable international shipping method suitable for sending photo cards under 50USD or light items.

Small packages are not shipped with heavy boxes, so there is less risk of damage due to impact and pressure during transportation.

Shipment Weight and Size

The actual weight and volume weight should be 2kg or less. In other words, it refers to the volume in which the sum of width, length, and height is 90cm and the maximum length of one side does not exceed 60cm. It usually corresponds to the box size of Post Office No. 2-1.

The 2-1 box is the maximum size you can send in small packages. You can send 2-3 albums and multiple photo cards. (please check photo)

Korea Post Small Packet max size 2-1

Currently, the higher of the actual weight and volume weight is applied (volume weight = width x length x height / 6000)

It is cheap, but long delivery time and tracking are not possible. However, the method of sending a registered product by adding an additional 2,800 won is called RR for small packages. For cheap products within 2kg, such as photos and photo cards, sending them in small packages is a way to save shipping costs.

to recommend the following shipment according to importance and price

EMS > International Package > Small Packaging

Korea Post Small Packet



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