Frequently asked questions

How Much Is Buying Service Fee ?

5% Products Price + 4.5% Paypal Fee (Minimum Fee $2.5USD) For example, Your products price is $100USD $100 (Products Price) + $5 (buying service fee) + $5 (package forwarding fee) + $5.17USD(Paypal fee) = $115.17USD For example, Your products price is $49USD $49 (Products Price) + $2.5(buying service fee) + $5 (package forwarding fee) + $2.52USD(Paypal fee) = $58.52USD Minium Buying Service Charge is per orders one URL or Store regards as one order (so mulitiple card from one URL is one order) But if your item's price more than 150,000KRW or seller's review less than 5, i will use safe payment for insureance if possible (번개페이, 중고나라 안전결제, 헬로페이 etc)

What Is Process of Buying Service ?

Process of Korea Buying service 1.Plz fill the order form for Products URL 2.Allthatsales will send invoice for product price and service fee. 3.Allthatsales will buy from korean online stores on your behalf. 4.We pick up your requested products at Allthatsales warehouse 5.We check out real weight after packing and send second invoice for the shipping. 6.Payment is cleared, we will start to dispatch your product to post office. 7.You can pick up your prodcuts on your door

Unkown Price URL or Ask Hidden photo Buying Services Fee

Quote for Unkown Price or photo : 7% of total value of Items or 3.5USD fixed under 50USD Specialized Order : 7% or 3.5USD / Order (twitter, Joongnara, blog, Email order) Heavy Package Forwarding : more than 10kg or size 5 box, I need Special Handling Fee for $5USD. This is for labour charge for Postman Pick up. $5USD package forwarding fee will charge for all transaction 4.5% Paypal Fee will be applied.

Combine Shipping and No Small Packet

i am so sorry i dont provide no more than 10 package combined and also not provoide small packet and air parcel becasue small packet price Korea to US almost 4 items expensive than before Corvid-19 and even takes more then 3~4 month so No provide small packet, K-packet and Air Parcel anymore so sorry.

Why Order Form Is only Monday to Wednesday ?

Hello~^^ i am only one person for working so really no time to handle too much order so accpet Monday to Wednesday only. and other two day for shipping and packing so plz understanding my circumsatnce Bunjang also has daily limit messenger chat around 30~40 per day so i can not accpet form more than 15 order form, order form refreash Sunday to Tuesday 20:00 KST

How Fast Can You Buy Items on Bunjang ?

Hello~!! Bunjang, twitter and Joongonara is C2C market so seller is not professional seller, sometimes seller reply on weekend due to class or work reason so plz take your tiem at least 2 weeks and if you did not get reply form any message from me, plz email thanks.

International Shipping Cost from Korea

this is Korea Post shipping cost table you can Search EMS, Sea Parcel and EMS premium (UPS) DHL shipping Cost (Goynag 10412)

Tracking number is not working ?

when i book DHL or EMS online, i can get tracking number first before i shipping, so It is not working at the same date i updated. Courier company pick up tomorrow or day after tomorrow for pick up so tracking number will work 2~3 days later.

How long does Sea Parcel take ?

Korean Flag ship closed down since Corvid-19, all sea parcel package go to Japan first and then go to final destination. it was take 3~4 months but it take more than 6 months now so please double check when you selct Sea parcel shipping option. you can track both site