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Maximizing Buyer Protection on Bunjang: Bunjang Pay

What is Bunjang Pay?

Keep payments secure at Bunjang until transaction is completed

"Bunjang Pay" is the safe payment system of Bunjang from payment to transaction completion. The payment will be kept at the Bunjang, and the settlement will proceed to the seller after the transaction is completed. (Depositor: Lightning Market Co., Ltd.)

Please refer to the information below for the condition of not being able to use Bunjang Pay.

[Conditions for not being able to use Bunjang pay]

- Category: Bunjang sharing/community/domestic car/import car registration

- Product amount: less than 500KRW

- When Bunjang pay exceeds the number of times available (5 times) per day

What is the safety payment fee for Bunjang Pay?

Apply 3.5% commission of product amount and shipping cost

3.5% fee of the product amount and delivery fee is applied, and it is on the buyer's burden. However, if you pay for products from some official and professional stores in the Lightning Market, Lightning Pay fees will be applied free of charge.

What should I do if I received a defective product after trading with Bunjang Pay?

Receipt of 'return request' before confirmation of purchase

If a defect is found in the product that was not delivered at the time of purchase, please proceed with [return request] before confirming the purchase and try to consult with the seller.

If the seller is not cooperative in resolving the dispute, please submit a 1:1 inquiry to help the seller with consultation.

If a return request is received, the settlement will be held until the buyer confirms the purchase but you do not submit data proving the product defect within 2 days, it may be settled to the seller.

Bunjang Pay



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