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Essential Checklist for Shipping EMS Packages from Korea Post Office to the United States

Updated: May 9

Additional transportation fee for international mail ('24.4.1.)

Additional international shipping cost will be added for air and sea mails due to the increase in air and sea freight.

- The name was changed from the special international air mail transportation fee to the additional international mail transportation fee ('24.4.1.) and the scope of the imposition was expanded from air mail to air mail and ship mail ('

If the applied weight exceeds the application limit, it cannot be accepted.

From December 15, 2020, postage will be applied to international mail for flights (EMS, parcels, small packages, K-Packet applicable) with the higher of actual weight and volume weight.

How to convert to volume weight

Volume weight (Kg) = Width (cm) X Length (cm) X Height (cm) 6000

Checklist for Shipping EMS

Checklist for Shipping EMS

h Notice of delay in international mail delivery to the U.S. (International Business Division, Post Office, October 17, 2022)

- Delivery and delivery delays may occur due to COVID-19, and delivery guarantee services cannot be provided

- No EMS application for time-limited mail (study materials, shipping documents, etc.) - For documents with high urgency, delay, loss, and indirect damage, please contact EMS Premium - Implementation: '21.2.23.

Prohibited or restricted items may be sent due to strengthened customs clearance inspection, false or insufficient preparation of customs declaration (if the actual goods and the goods in the declaration do not match, or if the customs declaration such as price, number, weight, and HS code are not accurately prepared), returned, confiscated, and discarded without prior notification. Return through the whereabouts investigation, confirmation of the reason for loss, and compensation for damages (received after approval of the sender and disposal)

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Precautions for reception for Shipping EMS

Guidelines for full implementation of EMS Kimchi reception to the U.S. (from Nov. 13, 2013)

- All regions of the United States, except Alaska and Hawaii

- In principle, only the general bureau (including the affiliated bureau where the packaging center is located) is accepted, but the desired affiliated country (including the handling bureau) can also be received

- Containers are limited to metal packaging containers (cans) and attach EMS stickers for separate excerpts

The postal code search function is searched in units of postal codes based on the date of guarantee of delivery (front 5 digits)

- Directly enter full postcode with spaces (7 digits/9 digits, 999999999, 99999999)

h Change of SFO Exchange Bureau (Effective date: '22.1.15)

- Changes: ZIP Code 936XX to 961XX, 970XX to 999XX, SFO to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LAX to LOS ANGELES

Puerto Rico Island, Guam, Saipan EMS cannot be accepted

Address change or return is not possible

h When dispatching prohibited or restricted items, they can be discarded and confiscated without notice from customs (received after approval for disposal)

Postal code, number of apartments, STE# not listed, delivery may be delayed or returned without prior notification in case of misrepresentation (it takes more than 1 month to return)

Timely documents (personal information/security/notarization, etc.) (If the address is a school, apartment, dormitory, or government office, it is not possible to prove the relationship between the agent and the recipient in the mail room or office.)

Time limit, EMS application of sex mail (study materials, shipping documents, etc.), valuable documents, emergency documents, etc.) is prohibited. - Documents that have high indirect damage, such as urgency, delay, or loss, must be submitted at the EMS premium. <Enforcement: 21. 2. 23.>

Upon customs clearance, it may take up to 90 days to send a notice to the recipient's address, and the recipient must directly check with the customs. Detailed reasons for return, seizure, and disposal of mail by customs cannot be confirmed and compensated by the whereabouts investigation

h In the case of mail destined for APO (military mail), a request for investigation on whereabouts cannot be made

In the case of mail to Amazon, it is recommended to send it after checking the availability of EMS at the local warehouse



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