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How much is Bunjang shipping cost ? (택배, 준등기, 등기)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Popular 3 different Bunjang shipping

What is 준등기 (Semi-Registered Mail) ?

준등기 is only for photocard and paper MD because it is envelope shipping method under 100g, it is 1,800KRW and the cheapest shipping with tracking number but it is same as normal postal service so postman put envelope in postbox without any message or notice so There is a risk of loss and Post office no compensate for lost item that's why i am not use 준등기.

Bunjang shipping_등기

What is 등기 (Registered Mail) ?

등기 is most popular shipping method because there is no weight limit so we can ship various kinds of items (CDs, MDs, Clothes etc), This is 등기's starting price (Registered Mail) (2500KRW for 100g, 200g for 2930KRW, 300g for 3,170KRW) every 100g almost 300KRW increasing price. 등기 is door to door service so it is needed signature by receiver. 등기 is really less risk of loss even 등기 have Compensation for lost package under 50,000KRW.

Bunjang shipping_준등기

What is 택배 (Parcel Service) ?

택배 is most popular shipping in Bunajng it is a parcel service and most common shipping method between online commerce, normally it ship by box so easy to prevent inside item from damage. but price is depend on weight and zone. Korea post 택배 start from 4000KRW and increase 500KRW or 1000KRW by weight (volume weight). This is supposed to door to door service but currently leave box in front of house in Corvid seaon.

Bunjang shipping_택배



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