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How to Navigate Bunjang as a Foreign Buyer: Fees, Payment, and Buying Process Explained

Updated: May 6

How much is Bunjang fees

Allthatsales has a 5% commission. However, you will be charged 2.5 USD uniformly for products under $50. This price is considered to be competitive for overseas buyers looking for products under $50. To protect buyers and agents, we use PayPal, the most universal payment platform.

A Guide for Foreigners Using Bunjang

Bunjang sets up accounts based on Korean mobile numbers, so overseas buyers without Korean phones have many restrictions on using Bunjang. However, I am sure that you can successfully purchase the items you want if you use Allthatsales's bunjang proxy service. I will purchase your items as fast as possible i can.

How to Successfully Buy on Bunjang?

Write down the name of the photo card or album you want in Korean in the bunjang search box. If you find the item you want, start a conversation with the seller. Please politely ask, "Hello, I want to buy it, is it possible?" and then talk about the delivery method after the purchase agreement with the seller. These days, there are many pro seller who specializing in K-pop autographed albums or photo cards in Bunjang, so these sellers can purchase them directly through Bunjang Pay without transferring their account. However, in the case of Bunjang Pay, a 3.5% Bunjang Pay fee is charged. However, fast delivery is possible and you can prevent risks from fraud. If you have a Korean address, you can ask the seller to send it to your Korean address. If this process is troublesome, please fill out the necessary items in the allthatsales bunjang proxy form,  i will contact you as soon as possible.

Understanding Bunjang Pay

Bunjang Pay is a safe payment service provided by Bunjang. This service is the safest way to prevent fraud with Bunjang holding payments and paying the seller after the buyer receives the item. The Bunjang Pay fee is 3.5 percent, but it's better to use Bunjang Pay to do business safely. When it comes to expensive items, especially products that are more than $200 in price, Bunjang Pay is a big help in preventing fraud in used transactions. However, you should always trade carefully because just choosing a safe payment will not solve all risks.




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