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A Guide to Using Buying Services from Bunjang

Your Personal Bunjang Buying Services Agency

The main task ofAllthatsales is to provide personal shopping for foreigners in Bunjang, joonggonara, Twitter, Pocamarket, and as much as possible all online markets in Korea.

Please fill the order form then i will send paypal invoice as soon as i can.

When you submitted order form then i will calculate invoice manually one by one. Because Bunjang Global currency is 10% higher than so i can save the buyer's money at a lower cost with a little bit of trouble.

If the seller doesn't respond within 3 days, I'll send a new message again. I'll send 3 messages to the seller every 3 to 4 days. So if the seller doesn't respond immediately, it may take up to 10 days.

Bunjang Buying Services Order Form

There are cases where the amount posted on Bunjang and the amount shown in the actual description are different. After reading the URL in the order form carefully, I will send you the invoice with the final price including the domestic shipping cost by PayPal. If I miscalculate by mistake, you don't have to take any action because I add or subtract the difference when sending the international shipping invoice.

Bunjang Buying Services Shipping

Bunjang is a used transaction between individuals, so sometimes delivery errors occur. So even if you have a Korean address, all Bunjang orders are shipped to Allthatsales office first and international shipping will be carried out by your request later.

Due to the nature of used transactions, it is very difficult to return a product purchased from Bunjang unless there is a serious defect. Therefore, please take a closer look at the picture and decide to purchase it carefully.

In the case of new sellers' items without reviews and expensive items , there will be a 3.5% Bunjang Pay fee separately because it is carried out as a safe payment.

 Bunjang Buying Services



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