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How to Search and Buy Signed Kpop Albums from Bunjang Proxy?

Do you know the word Kpop outsourcing? Kpop outsourcing refers to the process of purchasing, packaging and shipping signed kpop albums on your behalf. Many overseas Kpop resellers are sourcing signed kpop albums from Bunajng or Jodongonara. In short, you can think of sourcing as a private purchase.

Signed Kpop Albums Bunjang Proxy

Why do you source signed kpop albums from Bunjang proxy

Why do international buyers buy signed kpop albums from Bunjang or Joongonara? The reason is simple: they are cheap. To sell signed kpop album, you have to gain an edge in terms of price to compete with other seller. That's why Bunjang co kr is best opportunity. Because new signed kpop albums are updated everyday from Bunjang.

However, it may be difficult to talk to Bunjang's Korean seller abroad. Since most of them speak Korean, I feel a barrier to communication before purchasing. Then, how should I approach it?


Signed kpop albums sourcing method with Bunjang Proxy

First of all, it is a priority to find the signed kpop albums I am looking for in Bunjang. If you find signed kpop albums you want, you can submit the URL in the order form of Allthatsales. Then I will take care of everything. For Bunjang beginners, buying directly is not that easy.

First of all, Bunjang is operating a payment system that cannot be paid with an overseas card and can only be purchased with an account in Korea. And Bunjang is a used transaction site for domestic consumption in Korea, so even a place to receive the album cannot be set up without Korean Address.

You are fluent in Korean, so you can contact them directly to buy it, but just because you are good at Korean doesn't make it easy to buy it. Then the simplest way for beginners is to use the Bunjang Proxy.

Buy signed kpop albums easily at Bunjang

Many international buyers and resellers use Allthatsales to purchase kpop photocard or signed kpop albums. Allthatsales has been specializing in Bunajng Proxy for nearly a decade and has helped many buyers easily get what they want.

Even if you don't speak Korean, please don't hesitate to contact me if there is a product you want. Also, we can help you with strict customs clearance or taxes as you want. You can feel that the service provided with a high understanding of Kpop is different.

Focus on sales only with Bunjang porxy from allthatsales!



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