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Kiss of Life 1st Single Signed Kpop albums Midas Touch (Photobook Ver.) are in stock

Kiss of Life 1st Single Album "Midas Touch"

- A spectacular comeback of "Monster Rookie"!

-An album that shows new musical challenges and a more mature artist's side [Midas Touch]

- "Midas Touch", the title song about "Love" where freedom is allowed!

Last year, KISS OF LIFE, which was imprinted on the public with two high-quality mini-albums, emerged as a global major rookie, winning more than 100 million streams on major domestic and international music charts, as well as the Rookie of the Year, Global Icon Award, New Wave Star Award, and New Artist of Next Generation Award.

In addition, it received a hot spotlight for its intense performance that overwhelmed the audience at various award ceremonies and its live performance full of venom. Fans and the public's favorable reviews of the all-time performances and fresh performances that did not look like rookies naturally raised expectations for KISS OF LIFE's next move.

To meet that expectation, I would like to take a leap forward with this single [Midas Touch].

Kiss of Life



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