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Korean MZ Fell Into 'Fun To Buy and Sell' Used Deal on Bunjang

Bunjang Photocard Trade 52% year-on-year ↑

Most Items, BTS > NewJeans > Twice

Usefulness is important. It's less repulsive

In particular, the MZ generation accounted for 78% of the total transaction volume of the Bunjang.

It is believed that the MZ generation's interest in Kpop MD is high.

In fact, the items with the highest average transaction amount in the fashion category in the first half of the Bunjang were traded in the order of ▶ BTS ▶ New Jeans ▶ Twice ▶ NCT ▶ TXT ▶ Red Velvet

The demand for the MZ generation's used market was also found in other used platforms such as joongna.

A K-pop fan (20s), who frequently uses used trading apps, said, "I tend to purchase kpop photocard or signed albums that I want through used trading apps," adding, "I plan to continue to buy and sell the products I want using the app."

"In the long run, the used K-pop transaction market, which allows users to exchange cards, purchase and resell them freely, will become larger," he predicted.



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