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Where to buy kpop signed albums online?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Updated kpop signed album (2020.12)

Some kinds of kpop signed album in stock allthatsales shop.

some album is not for sales album and some album bought it from Bunjang marketplace.

if you want to interesting in kpop signed album, feel free to ask me anytime.

international shipping cost is not included so i will weigh and send another shipping invoice after you purchased album.

I bought them from mwave from last April but i could not find where do i put these 3 albums

but finally i found album and uploaded ITZY 2nd mini signed album you can see price and shipping details in website.

I bought these 6 kpop signed album in Bunjang. Bunjang is most popular C2C kpop secondhand marketplace, you can buy kpop signed album and kpop merach online easily. these 3 albums are not for sales album (비매) because not for sales (비매) album is promo albums so it is 100% legit and authentic signed album.

I bought 3 EXID promo signed album from Aladdin which is No.1 Korean secondhand online bookstore, you can buy cheap limited kpop album or signed album but you spent so many time and effort because there is no free lunch haha

i bought Weki Meki digital Single promo signed album from joonggonara, this site is No.1 C2C secondhand website in Korea but this website is mostly electronic or clothes items sometimes can find kpop signed albums but so many scammers works in this website so must careful before purchase items.

I will try to continue updated kpop signed album post next month as i buy more albums.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!



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