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3 Checklists for Safety Trading in Bunjang

In this post, I will give you 3 tips to check before trading to purchase kpop photo cards or signed album safely at the Bunjang.

1.Seller's mobile phone/account check

Click the seller's mobile phone/account check button above on the product details page you want to purchase.

Kakao Talk inquiry

Sometimes, there are sellers who want to contact us through Kakao Talk, and most of the sellers who induce transactions through Kakao Talk are fraudsters, so be careful and if you have to make transactions through Kakao Talk, please check your Kakao Talk ID

Tip If a fraud occurs in an external channel such as Kakao Talk, not Bunjang Talk, no compensation or help is provided at Bunjang.

Account check/Mobile phone check

If the transaction with the seller is completed in Bunjang, you need to check mobile phone number and account from thecheat. If you deposit directly to the seller's account without using safe payment or Bunjang pay, let's find out the account and seller's contact information in advance before transfer.

2.Seller's store information inquiry

Be sure to read the seller's store information. Old stores with a lot of sales history are highly reliable. Let's check the delivery and sales details carefully. Be careful when trade with new store or little transaction record for example less than 5 transaction record.

3. Check store reviews

Please check the seller's store review. There are general reviews and Bunjang reviews, and both reviews can be written by the buyer after the transaction are confirmed. In particular, in the case of the review of the Bunjang certification feedback, the buyer can write it only when the transaction is completed through Bunjang message, so it is more reliable

Safety Trading in Bunjang

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