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Are You Looking For Cheap Bunjang Proxy Shipping?

What is "small packet"?

"Small packet" is a shipping option for small items. It is the cheapest shipping method available, but it has size, weight and insurance limitations. "Small packet" can be sent by Airmail.

The maximum weight is 2 kg. Length(a) + height(b) + depth(c) <= 90 cm.

Which shipping method is the cheapest?

It depends on your package size and weight. For small items, like CDs and kpop photocards, Korea Post Small Packet is the cheapest options. For other packages, please refer to our Shipping Calculator. For best results, please remember to input the estimated parcel dimensions.

Which shipping method is the fastest?

FedEx/UPS/EMS/DHL are among the fastest and Sea Parcel is the slowest.

Which shipping method should I choose?

For cheap and light items, i recommend using Korea Post Small Packet for parcels weighing less than 2kg, This is best Bunjang Proxy Shipping for kpop photocard. For other items, we recommend using EMS as it is the most reliable and most reasonable shipping method. air parcels have a significantly higher return rate than EMS

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