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Can I ship a product with batteries from Korea ?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

With overseas shipping(DHL,FedEx and UPS), up to two units can be shipped in a box combined with the product when the battery capacity is less than 100 watts.

- Regardless of the type of battery (alkaline, coin battery, mercury battery, lithium-ion battery, etc.), up to two batteries can be sent while being combined with the product.

- If the battery is removed, it can be shipped regardless of the number of batteries.

- It is not possible to send a rechargeable battery, a separate battery, or wireless earphones.

- You can't send items including batteries through EMS at the post office.

* Battery capacity calculation method: W (watt) = V (volt) * A (ampere)

Products equipped with lithium batteries cannot be shipped by post office EMS.

Products equipped with lithium batteries can be shipped up to two products per box, a total of two boxes, and the quantity of FedEX is free compared to DHL.

Products exceeding 100 watts (ex electric bicycles) cannot be shipped.



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