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DHL shipping cost will be reduce from January on 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Allthatsales is going to work with overseas shipping company from January on 2021. Due to re-spreading of variant Covid-19, Korea Post office's Flight schedules are being reduced and even restrictions are being imposed in some country.

Allthatsales have been used EMS, Air Parcel and Sea Parcel from Korea Post because but EMS also weigh volume weight since 12/25 in 2020 (korea post international shipping rates)

EMS Volume weight : (Width X Length X Height) / 6000

DHL shipping for still expensive than EMS, it is almost 2 times expensive because DHL or Fedex use volume weight calculation, this is how to calculate DHL shipping cost from Korea

DHL Calculation of shipping charge from Korea

DHL Volume weight : (Width X Length X Height) / 5000

Overseas shipping company's DHL shipping cost is almost 30% cheaper than individual contract. But To save DHL shipping cost, i have to send package to overseas shipping company warehouse so i will send packages every Wednesday and international shipping will proceed every Monday by overseas shipping company.

I ask for your understanding for this shipping process, Happy New Year !!



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