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Do you want to buy from Witchform? Allthatsales is your Witchform Proxy

What is Witchform ?

It is a customized order service for individuals who do not own an online shopping mall or do not enter an open market. It can be said to be a C2C (Customer-to-Customer) platform. Most of the products sold are personal creations. Unlike other open markets, the entry process, product approval, contract, and difficulty of use have been minimized to start sales quickly. As of 2023, cumulative transactions amounted to 120 billion won and the number of monthly users exceeded 2 million.

How to Buy ?

Demand survey form and deposit form can be created, and there are a total of three sales methods: slim form that can be sold for free, standard form that is a postpaid paid form, and pay form that becomes card payment.The form (order) can be simply generated on the homepage.To submit a form, you can pay in advance in the bank information from the form generated by the seller, select a product, enter information, and then press the Submit button.At the time of the deposit period, a "submit" button is automatically generated without a refresh.If you participated in the form after logging in, you can check the history in the form management you participated in.The sold products can be checked in the results of the deposit form response, and various services such as downloading Excel files, changing progress status, and copying are available.You can notify buyers of products by mail, Kakao Talk, and text.The message function enables communication between sellers and buyers.

Products can be checked and purchased on the Witchform website, but most transactions are made through links to the Witchform order written on the seller's Twitter or Instagram. You can check the title of the order form, product information, seller information, and seller SNS, and fill out the necessary matters for purchase, such as address and contact information. Depending on the product, you can transfer your account or pay by credit card.

Witchform Proxy

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