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Food, Cosmetic and Medicine can be shipped from Korea

Cosmetics/food/medicine are classified as general customs clearance, and many people are sending them from Korea.

Occasionally, you may be asked for additional documents and additional charges from the customs office of the other country.

Additional documents: FDA approval, import license, usage manual, detailed invoice, product photo, etc

In principle, additional documents are submitted to the recipient, and if they are requested to be submitted but fail to submit them, they may be returned or discarded for a fee.

Additional charges: Tariffs and VAT, inspection costs, etc

1. Cosmetics

The documents requested by each country are different, but perfumes are difficult to clear.

Functional products (whitening, wrinkle improvement, sunscreen) are very likely to receive FDA approval during customs clearance in the other country.

In some countries (Spain, Mexico, etc.), goods are sent to individuals, but in some cases, import permits are requested.

Cosmetics and accessories containing alcohol (perfume, manicure remover, alcohol swap, etc.) cannot be sent

2. Food stuffs

Products containing meat and meat-based broth are difficult to clear.

- Dried squid (inside-removed whole-dried squid) are often discarded by customs in the other country without notification of the recipient.

When the recipient receives it due to reasons attributable to the shipping company, it cannot be compensated even if it is impossible to consume it.

3. medical supplies

- You can request personal medicine, prescription drugs, English prescriptions, and approval letters from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

* Please be aware of it before sending it and cooperate so that there is no issue in customs clearance.



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