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I got a transaction scam on Bunjang, can I report it?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

If you have been swindled by a transaction at the bunjang market, there is a procedure. First, it is recommended to report fraud damage to the customer center of bunjang Market. bunjang Market is a platform that mediates transactions between sellers and buyers, so if you have been victimized by fraud, you should report it to bunjang Market and take action.

The reporting process can be submitted through the website or app of the bunjang Market Customer Center. When reporting, it is recommended to submit details of the conversation with the seller, transaction details, and evidence of fraud. Also, it can be helpful to let us know the amount of damage and the fact that the police station reported a fraud case.

It is also possible to report a fraud case directly to the police station. The police station can investigate and investigate fraud cases. Therefore, if there is a police station in front of your house, you should go to the police station and report a fraud case. You can get help at the police station by submitting details and evidence of the incident.

In the event of fraud, it is important to take action as soon as possible. You should report to the bunjang market or the police to inform them of the damage caused by fraud, and submit evidence to take action.

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