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I've summed up questions about the Bunjang deal this week [2023/10/28]

Can I make a secondhand transaction with a foreigner at Bunjang?

It is possible to do secondhand transactions with foreigners at the Bunjang. However, if a foreigner does not live in Korea, the product must be sent through overseas delivery, which may cause problems related to shipping costs. Also, if a foreigner has an account and address in Korea, it is possible to make a transaction just like normal used transactions. However, if foreigners are not good at Korean, communication may be difficult, so it is recommended to have conversations in English or other languages under mutual agreement. In addition, when dealing with foreigners, issues such as tariffs and taxes should be considered, so it is necessary to check the relevant laws and regulations depending on the situation.

Is it possible to transfer money like Kakao Pay at Bunjang?

As far as I know, you can send money through Kakao Pay, so why don't you use that function. Kakao Pay money remittance is the same as account remittance.

Can I get money back from a permanently suspended store?

I don't see a way to get a refund without a police report.

I don't know why you're hesitant to report to the police, but if you have no choice but to move on to something unfair, let's move on. Otherwise, please file a complaint against the police station, Allthatsales can help you.


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