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International Shipping Fee From Korea

Allthatsales provide Korea buying service for you on any kinds of website in Korea. I also can do C2C proxy shopping such as Bunjang, Twitter and Joonggonara etc. i can ship items to your place so please check out Korea Post International shipping rates

EMS (2~4 weeks)

EMS is most common international shipping method, Korea Post can ship to 102 countries around the world. This is door to door shipping service. i can ship EMS everyday if possible.

DHL (1~2 weeks)

DHL is fast and even little cheaper than EMS, but only 2 times shipping per week (Tuesday and Friday), i am work with 3PL company so it takes 2~3 days to be warehoused DHL Hub in Korea.

Sea Parcel & Air Parcel by Korea Post ( 2~6 months)

International parcel can ship up to 20kg, Korea Post provide tracking number after shipping Sea parcel is cheap shipping method but it takes too long at least 5 month from Korea

Air Parcel is little cheap than EMS but take 1~2 months from Korea. Sea Parcel & Air Parcel rate from Korea

Domestic Delivery (1~2 days)

If you already have Korean Address or any package forwarding company, i can shop and ship to your Korean Address. please let me know with your Korean phone number.

Shipping from Korea to USA price


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