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What is Bunjang and how much is Bunjang Proxy Fee?

What is Bunjang?

Bunjang is No.1 online used platform with user 1/4 of Korean population, especial 2/4 younger generation. its is specialized that k-pop photo card and other merchandise and clothes.

However, Bunjang is a direct C2C platform between buyers and sellers, and most of the transaction methods are done by Korean's account transfer, so it is difficult for foreigners to contact Korean sellers.

Find your favorite K-Pop photocards and signed albums easily through Allthatsales's Bunjang Proxy service. I will make it simple to purchase these hard-to-find items and bring them directly to you. Explore our selection today and get in touch to start your order.

What is process of Bunjang Proxy?

1.Please fill the order form for Products URL

2. I will send invoice for product price and service fee

3. I will contact and buy from Bunjang on your behalf

4. I will pick up your requested products in my warehouse

5. I will check out real weight after packing and send shipping invoice

6. Payment is cleared, I will start to dispatch your product to post office.

7. You can pick up your products on your door

How much is Bunjang proxy Fee?

5% Products Price (Minimum Fee $2.5USD) + 4.7% Paypal Fee

For example, Your products price is $100USD

$100 (Products Price) + $5 (buying service fee) + $5 (package forwarding fee) + $5.17USD(Paypal fee) = $115.17USD

For example, Your products price is $49USD

$49 (Products Price) + $2.5(buying service fee) + $5 (package forwarding fee) + $2.52USD(Paypal fee) = $58.52USD

Minimum Buying Service Charge is per orders

one URL or Store regards as one order (so multiple card from one URL is one order)

But if your item's price more than 150,000KRW or seller's review less than 5, i will use safe payment for insurance if possible (번개페이, 중고나라 안전결제, 헬로페이 etc)

Whit is a Bunjang Pay and is it safe?

If you pay for a product with Bunjang Pay, Bunjang can store the money you paid, and then pay the seller after the buyer receives the product well, so if you pay with Bunjang Pay, you can prevent fraudulent transactions Bunjang pay is also called 'payment deposit service', 'sales protection service', and 'purchase safety service'.

Each Bunjang seller ship to worldwide?

Unfortunately, since most of the sellers at Bunjang are Koreans, they prefer to ship only within Korea Therefore, if you use Bunjang Proxy, I will receive various kpop cards and albums instead, I will safely pack all the products you ordered and ship them to your address.

Bunjang Proxy



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