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What is Wadiz and is it safe platform ?

Wadiz is a crowdfunding platform that allows not only start-up reward crowdfunding but also investment-type funding to direct investment since its establishment in May 2012. It is currently the largest crowdfunding company in Korea in terms of size, number of projects, and brokerage amount.

In the early days, funding was conducted mainly on various idea products such as IT and electronics. Currently, it is opening projects in various fields such as investment, intangible content, and airline tickets. However, since 2017, the scale has grown and consumers have criticized the poor project management.

Wadiz Funding Return Policy

It is the first and only policy operated among domestic and foreign crowdfunding platforms.

If you look at the details, it is divided into 'delay return' for delivery delays and 'defect return' for defects and defects in the function and performance of the reward. If the return of the fund is confirmed, the fund will be returned by canceling the card payment.

As a result, it is evaluated that funding will be returned if it falls under the consumer dispute resolution standards in the Framework Act on Consumers, as well as appearance screening and sensitive word inspection procedures to prevent copy products and simple similar development products.

Consumers will be able to request the return of the funding if the maker does not ship the product by 90 days on the promised schedule after the end of the funding or finds a serious defect within 7 days of receipt




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