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How to Safeguard Your Online Transactions: Expert Tips to Prevent Bunjang Fraud

To prevent fraudulent damage, I would like to inform you of what you need to pay attention to when trading. If you read it for 5 minutes, you can prevent bunjang fraud, so please take the time to read it.

In the following cases, you should suspect at least once of fraudulent damage

Bunjang Fraud

Bunjang Fraud seller's action-related

Case #1 - If the seller urges you to make a quick deposit

It's when the seller urges you to do business with someone else if you don't deposit money right now without providing information about what you're selling. So-called 쿨거래, so if the seller urges you to do business in order of deposit, think about it one more time and decide even if it's cheap.

Case #2 - In the case of requesting a deposit in the name of another person

It could be a third-party fraud. Check exactly why the seller is changing the transferor's name. When transferring an account, make sure to enter the buyer's depositor's name under your own name.

It is the case of inducing deposits to the seller's family account, friend account, girlfriend account, wife account, etc. Obviously, if you have a conversation with a man and you want to deposit money into an account that is the name of a woman, or a specific company account, you should be careful

Case #3 - Showing the seller's Social ID and inducing trust

Disclosure of the seller's personal information to sell an item is something that is incomprehensible in common sense. In general commodity trading, the resident registration number is not given. This is because if the seller's personal information is provided to give the buyer faith, it is 100% in the name of another person.

"I recommend the use of safe trading service Bunjang Pay for safe transactions.

Bunjang Fraud the know-how of a deal

Tip #1 - Capture the seller's sales post.

There are cases where the item has been received, but it is not the item you wanted to trade. If you bought a signed polaroid and received a completely different item such as an album photocard, you can file a petition for an obvious fraud, but you can only file a petition if you receive a similar item or can prove that the condition of the product is not at the level you wanted to trade. If there is no evidence, it is difficult to file a petition in itself

Tip #2 - Ask for another bank account with the same name

Typically, fake bank accounts are created and distributed by one bank. (Of course, there are fake bank accounts opened by several banks.) For example, if the seller gave you the account under the name of Kim Cheol-soo of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, ask that you want to make a deposit into another bank's account under the name of Kim Cheol-soo. In the case of scammers, they are likely to be embarrassed by this request or give you the account number under a completely different name (such as a friend, wife, etc.)

Tip #3 Avoid holiday trading

On holidays, you will not be able to get help or report to your bank or police station even if damage occurs. Also, it is difficult to recognize fraudulent damage because packages are not being delivered. We recommend trading on weekdays as much as possible.

Tip #4 Please deposit the amount of 150,000 won or more through Bunjang Pay

Bunjang pay may take 1 to 2 days for the buyer to withdraw cash after receiving the item. It is not possible to withdraw within that period, so it is advantageous to suspend payment in case of a problem.

I wish you a safe and clean deal.

For beginners, if you're afraid to do business directly with the seller from Bunjang, seek help from the Bunjang Proxy Agent. Allthatsales can help prevent fraud by more than 50 percent because it searches for account numbers and damage cases through various sites before depositing.



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